To support the WB Kids program by ensuring coaches across all sports in Wood Buffalo have access to the tools required to succeed.


Foster coaching excellence in all sports in Wood Buffalo through enriched programs and training and mentorship opportunities for coaches.

About Mi COACH

The Mi COACH program is aligned with the WB Kids program and a broader ‘Mi Community’ approach to community building that underlies the Regional Recreation Corporation's overall vision and mission.

The development of quality coaches and leaders across all sports in Wood Buffalo is paramount for the success of the WB Kids program, and more importantly, a key building block as grassroots sports continue to grow along with the increased attraction and delivery of provincial and national sporting events and championships. Youth can’t succeed in sports unless they interact with great coaches. The Mi COACH program works to ensure that it happens.

The ‘Mi’ refers to the legacy of MacDonald Island Park as the original governing organization and the ‘COACH’ ties in a vision through which all coaches can connect with the opportunities required to grow as leaders. 

Community members across Wood Buffalo, parents and individuals representing community sports organizations can nominate coaches to receive funding. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Registration fees and expenses related to coaching development programs, classes, training, seminars, conferences, clinics and accreditation processes
  • Membership fees to associated organizations that are aligned with the Mi COACH vision and mission
  • Facilitation, financial or otherwise, for coaches searching for development opportunities that will advance youth sport and interaction in the region
  • Any need approved by the Mi COACH or WB Kids committee that is in the interest of coaching development

Mi Coach Application Form

Mi Coach Application Form - printable


  • Ensure meaningful and effective assistance to coaches
  • Encourage a regional approach to coaching development
  • Minimize “red tape” and make timely decisions
  • Deliver results that make a difference for youth
  • Enable creative fundraising efforts and a culture of accountability
  • Recruit and retain partners that share a similar vision
  • Align Mi COACH program with goals of WB Kids program

Partnerships and Fundraising

With a $25,000 donation made on June 20, 2013, Suncor Energy has generously provided the seed funding to bring the Mi COACH program to life. The Edmonton Eskimo Football Club, partners with the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo for the Northern Kickoff presented by Shell Albian Sands, have come on board in support of the Mi COACH program and have committed their staff and resources to hold a football coaching clinic in Wood Buffalo in the 2013-2014 CFL offseason.

Funds are raised from the following avenues:

  • Corporate, organizational and individual contributions
  • All proceeds from the sale of the Mi COACH Roots 73 clothing line

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