(Fort McMurray, AB, October 6, 2017) - The Kirschner Family Community Art Gallery at MacDonald Island Park is pleased to welcome the Express Your Selfie exhibition of Thickwood Heights Elementary School student works in October.

“Each year in art, we begin September with the introduction of 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds. It is a story that helps to encourage children to have the courage to "make a mark", and be creative. At Thickwood Heights School, we encourage our young artists to try! They do not need to be perfect and everyone, their art included, should be different. It is what makes each person so unique and helps to make our artwork so beautiful,” said Jennifer Barr, Art Teacher at Thickwood Heights Elementary School. “Some of the artworks presented have been guided because our kids are at varying levels and experience. Each day we help to provide a starting place and work toward building greater confidence. Having the courage to begin and add their own flair has helped to create a wonderful display of work. The artworks exhibited in Express Your Selfie come from all of our artists: the youngest from ECDP to our oldest, who have now gone on to Grade 7. We are very proud of the work they have completed and hope that their artwork might inspire others, young and not so young, to have the courage to paint, sculpt, draw and just create!”

“We are delighted to showcase the works of these talented young artists in the gallery,” said Rachel Orser, Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo. “As a community art gallery, it is an honour to celebrate the artistic efforts of local children and youth with an exhibition devoted to their creativity and expression.”

The opening reception for the Express Your Selfie exhibition takes place at 7:00 pm on October 12 at the Kirschner Family Community Art Gallery. Light refreshments will be served and all community members are invited to attend. The Express Your Selfie exhibition will be available for viewing from October 5 – October 26.